What is Rutilated Quartz

Titanium dioxide is the main component of Rutilated quartz. Its main property is that it has high refractive index. It can disperse more light as compared to other minerals present in the world.

It is considered to be a member of big quartz family and is quite similar to other quartz which is rose quartz and smoky quartz.

According to the most popular “Smithsonian Publication”, that has entitled “Rock and Gem” Rutilated Quartz had received its title from Latin language, whose meaning is red. It was basically given because of the prismatic structure of the rock when found predominantly was red in color.

Though the rutile quartz are found to be within the other quartz, yet it is easy to distinguish it especially because of its striations property which discharges colored display when exposed to light

It is also commonly known as “The Hair of Venus” or “Sagenite”. It can also be used as a jewelry or as a decoration piece

Some properties of this quartz are:

It is formed in the Earth’s layers of schists, igneous rocks and pegmatite dikes
It is formed of silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide
It is medium hard quartz
It is found in many colors such as dark, reddish and goldish shades


According to belief of some people rutilated quartz is a stone that gives energy and can be used to help in focusing mentally. It is also believed that it can ignite feelings of deep love and help in stabilizing relationships. It is also believed that they can give energy to the chakras that have slowed down and are capable enough to return them their normal state

Rutilated quartz can also be of great help during mental hang ups. It is very popular for removing fears and increasing the ability of decision-making with efficiency

People who often feel alone should keep a piece of it along with them as it decreases the feeling of loneliness and gives happiness. It is known to help people to get a grip of their life. They help in clarifying their thought process and balancing their feelings and reactions. It can also help in increasing people’s self reliance and self belief.

In the field of spirituality, rutilated quartz is used to create spiritual connections in terms of dream work, meditation and spiritual connection. Nowadays people are getting more inclined towards spiritual life. They are finding ways through which they can find ways towards spiritual intervention in life. Due to rising demands people are getting encouraged to use rutilated quartz which is believed to have psychic powers and can help in gaining spiritual experience

If path to success has been blocked by the powers of evil, then you can take advantage of rutilated quartz powers that help in neutralizing all negative effects.

In medical line, it can help in curing various problems such as, tissue growth, food disorders, reduce depression, increase immunity system, improve respiratory health etc. it is also believed that it helps to move energy in areas where there is sluggish power. With the help of its mystical power, root cause of various illnesses can also be found.

What is the best Petroleum Quartz

What is Petroleum Quartz

What makes an object valuable? Is it the rarity? Or is it the quality of the object that gives it its value? The answer is a little bit of both actually. We seek out gold or diamonds for their chemical properties, long lasting allure, and their plain beauty. But it is also true that if diamonds were a common occurrence, some of their intrinsic value would be compromised.
Quartz is for all intents and purposes not rare. In fact it is one of the most common elements found on our planet. That’s why petroleum quartz crystals are not that pricy, their prices are quite affordable.
Quartz is not only common but it is also versatile. It has a certain duality to it. Quartz crystals are common but at the same time, they are rare. It’s almost paradoxical to seem so rare, yet in actuality to be so common.
Chemically speaking its crystalline structure is composed of silicon dioxide and of course oxygen. These elements are prolific in the earth’s crust. Quartz deposits are found basically everywhere, from sandstone deposits to gneiss and granite.
We must specify that there are many types of quartz, and that today we are talking about quartz with a crystalline clear structure with the colloquial name of ‘’ rock crystal ‘’.
These clear quartz crystals have been viewed historically as a gift from the earth’s patron deity and its ability to act like a prim, and reflect and refract light has been cherished. These beautiful gifts of nature have been thought to restore lost energy, help the individual regain clarity and commune with the primal forces of the Earth.
Weather you believe or not, quartz crystals are one of the most beautiful occurrences of nature and are worthy of admiration.
However, just when you thought it could not get any better than nature throws us a curve ball. Sometimes in nature, crystals tend to develop interior chambers filled with trapped gas or fluid. These are truly rare and they are truly a beautiful trinket to have. Just the thought of holding something that took millions of years to form should bring joy to anybody. How did it form? The process is quite simple; all the crystal did was to grow around the liquid or gas, slowly encasing it for posterity. In addition, if you think that seeing water trapped inside a crystal is rare, you should check out some petroleum quartz crystals. Petroleum is of course, an unrefined form of fossil fuels, the same that we use to power our vehicles.
The result of petroleum getting trapped is a yellowish or brownish pocket inside the crystal. These petroleum quartz crystals also have air bubbles. If they are not confined in the chamber, it can move in lots of directions, depending on where you move the crystal.
I assume it is obvious that the clearer the crystal, the greater the contrast between its clear structure and the color of the petroleum chamber’s content.
So you can see how a basic structure of silicon and oxygen, over millions of years can become one of the most beautiful gems in nature. Petroleum quartz crystals are a must have for anyone that can appreciate beauty.